Happy World BPO Day!

February 16, 2019

Wishing A Happy

World BPO Day!

BPO UNION ensures Cashify.in pays employee his dues without delay!

February 26, 2018

Bravo Aman for taking a strong stand. 


Please share this with your friends/ colleagues in BPO-IT Companies. Companies will not be allowed to arm twist employees anymore. Active & passive action gets the job done – most times.

Happy World BPO Day, 16 Feb 2018

February 7, 2018

Congratulations & support to the entire BPO & IT industry.

Happy World BPO Day on 16 Feb 2018.

Celebrate, support, spread the word:

57 Cases solved in 2017

January 22, 2018

Last year, in 2017 we’ve been able to solve 57 cases in companies like i-energizer, Makemytrip.com, Vodafone, WNS, American Express and more. If you have a problem do let us know – resolution is at hand closer than you think – speak up & act NOW!


NASSCOM Skills Registry & BPIAI eTrack choose – dustbin or court – Supreme Court Upholds ‘PRIVACY’ as Fundamental Right!

August 25, 2017

We said it a long time ago – read related posts on our Blog:
Retract & Recall – Etrack, National Skills Registry

BPO Industry Association concedes to BPO Union

This is BIG from the Supreme Court of India – Privacy IS a Fundamental Right.

We have always maintained the same line and now we, among many others stand vindicated. Here is how NASSCOM & BPIAI blatantly violate the SC verdict …

  • They collect a lot of data, past records & what not about all candidates, including biometrics – which may still be okay, yet debatable.
  • They put it into a combined repository where it is SHARED among all the member companies. Here is where they directly VIOLATE our Right To Privacy and this is where a lot of us might want to sue them.
  • BPO & IT Companies will also have to prove conclusively WHY all this personal data is needed for providing employment. And be sure, we will ask.

Let BPO/ IT/ Telecom Companies be WARNED – stop sharing of data without explicit permission of the candidate/ employee. Not just that, we’ve checked with some leading lawyers and they also feel – you CANNOT force a candidate to share this data and be part of a registry as pre-condition to a job. Companies trying this trick may be booked under multiple sections of the IPC, making their people liable under criminal sections punishable by fine, jail term or both.

HR Staff Beware – Since the seniors usually do not do much, it is left to the junior HR staff to do this dirty (real ILLEGAL) work. The individual HR Staff will be more culpable than the company. Kindly REFUSE to do the Company’s dirty work else you might open yourself up to the possibility of Jail Term.

Nothing less than COMPLETELY WITHDRAWAL of these programs is acceptable. Else we have staff from most major companies who are ready to sue their respective companies, NASSCOM & BPIAI for violating their right to privacy.




July 18, 2017

We LOVE to help you.

Really, each one of you, to the extent we humanly can. Despite our deficiencies and our limitations. The affection we get in return in the highest reward for us.  Your emails contain issues, concerns & sad stories which we can relate to and which inspire us to extend assistance.

{ B U T }

Many of you do not follow the prescribed format hence making it difficult for us to even start. So here we are again, telling you how to write to us:

Send us Complete Details of the case with Names, Mobile Phone Nos & Email Ids – yours & of people directly involved in the wrong doings as well as Senior Management. Attach any proof or documents that may add to the strength of your case/ issue. Now write to us at: bpounion@gmail.com

(BPO Union 2.0)

23 Cases solved in the last 90 days

August 1, 2016

We are working a bit quieter now. Concentrating more on doing and less on telling. Most recently we’ve been able to solve many cases in Genpact, WNS, Airtel, Aegis, Dell and Accenture. If you have a problem do let us know.


We Are Still Here!

March 24, 2016

In The Quiet: We are always working for our colleagues in the BPO Industry. Over the last 2-3 years we’ve not been very vocal. Yet there has been hectic activity in the trenches. Its been an unending task of finding companies who treat their staff badly and ensuring that they are forced (via media/ public/ industry/ legal pressure) to do the right things.

Keep writing to us with cases that need help and we shall keep sorting them out, as always!

BPO Union 2.0

BPO Nights – Celebrating BPO employees!

June 5, 2014

Now here’s some refreshing news for us. For once we get to rejoice and party inter-BPO. Just received information through multiple members and googled it to reach a Press Release by World BPO Foundation.  Read the full press release here: http://www.indiainfoline.com/Markets/News/PrintNews.aspx?NewsId=5937996141

Whatever you are doing guys, its good with us and you have our complete support. Just hope that when you get your head up from partying, please put some of your resources to bringing benefits to our young friends working in the BPO Industry. Having said that, its a great thing that now we have someone who is doing collective bargaining with good night clubs to get us some really great rates. We particularly love the Unlimited IMFL … then the fashion shows, multiple DJs, Artists … Lets just have fun … lots of it.

Here is their facebook page event in Delhi if you want to attend it: https://www.facebook.com/events/480429645422389/?notif_t=plan_edited

World BPO Day has been totally revamped this year!  This year, World BPO Foundation is planning new and a whole slew of activities for WBD 2014. All these events will take place in around 9 cities, starting from Gurgaon-NCR, which then followed by other cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh and Vizag, as these cities have a large presence of BPO Co’s. The main event itself will take place in Gurgaon as the city is the global hub for BPO activity.

World BPO Day 2015 has been divided into 3 sections:

(a) WBD – BPO Nights – It is a true gathering of the BPO employees where entertainment and enjoyment will be on the prime.  It will a platform where they can enjoy and experience those events of life, which they usually tend to miss because of their odd working hours. The parties will be spread to all main towns that have large BPO presence.  The first party will take place on 15th June, 2014 at  Moon Shine, Hauz Khas Village, Delhi.

(b) Mr. and Miss BPO – Inter- BPOs’ Beauty Pageant in a City –
World BPO Foundation will conduct internal beauty pageants in all the BPO’s of a city, starting in September 2014. These internal Beauty pageants will take place in all the 9 cities to find Mr. and Miss BPO for every individual city.  

(c) WBD
– Mr. & Miss BPO India – India’s first ever recognition Beauty pageant  for BPO employees –  A beauty pageant for BPO employees across India in which BPO employees get to become brand ambassadors of their companies. This Beauty Pageant will see an impressive line of people competing for winning the title of India’s first and only recognition of Mr. and Miss BPO India. This Beauty pageant will be a competition among the winners of Mr. and Miss Inter -BPOs’ of all the 9 cities. Mr. and Miss BPO India will take place on the World BPO Day i.e. 16 Feb’ 2015 in Gurgaon.

45000 Hits & Counting: We Were Always Here

May 4, 2014

No we did not curl up & die as the rumors were in the marketplace. But a lot of senior people in IT & BPO wished we did. Our team had met up with some senior Industry representatives 3 years back and agreed that we shall not create too much of noise as it brought the BPO/ IT Industry a bad name if every issue came to Media glare.

Having said that we were individually & collectively appalled all this time at the state of affairs but very reluctantly held back to keep our word. After all this wait we are still to see the fulfilled promises that were made to us by the other side. So logically, we’re forced to abandon the ceasefire agreement and get back to some aggressively visible action. The Media, as always, is very very very (& many times more VERY) supportive. Thank You friends!

Recently: Two cases have been shared with the media in the last 2 days and their response/ support came within minutes. These cases are heart wrenching in their detail. Seems that some very large BPO’s have deliberately employed regressed sadists to run their HR. Many of them emotionless, un-empathetic & immoral to the core. All of them pathetic!

You shall see our resumed ‘action’ in the verbal sense of the word too – meaning – we’re going to get screamingly vocal again – also meaning – we never ever stopped working. If in doubt please check our swelling numbers & our support base to feel some intimidation through sheer numbers.

Our Next Step: we are in the process of Black Listing some chronic People & Companies across the BPO/ IT segment in India. Just to serve as a caution/ warning to those dealing with the probable names that might crop up.

BPO Union 2.0