Seeming unrest in ‘haryanawis’ – now locals want BPO jobs quota in Gurgaon

May 31, 2010

BPO Union had an insane experience lately. MNS syndrome (job quotas for locals) seems to have caught up with Haryana politicos. No we are not divulging names.

But some Haryana locals have shown interest in MNS like activity to get job quotas for locals (read haryanawis) in Gurgaon BPOs. They say that the state is supporting their huge businesses but getting little in return for their own people.

We were obliquely approached but decided to stay clear of such activity, though we understand this as a larger social issue. BPOs better be aware that they may be pressured to employ local people too. One the one hand it solves employment problems and on the other attrition, but the question of employability will remain!