Voice BPO workers risk Ear Attacks and Accoustic Shocks!

January 22, 2009

Voice BPO workers risk Ear Attacks and Acoustic Shocks!

The average worker who takes voice calls for over 7 hrs each day Рis prone to Ear Attack and Acoustic Shock. Both the terms are used by medical practitioners  for very serious ailments which  affect the ear when it is subject to voice abuse.

We are shocked to find out that (and its according to our limited search) India does not have any ‘noise at work law’. The UK has it, and so does the US. But considering that we have a huge young workforce at work in call centers straining their ears for long hours we definitely need one. Or at least some kind of regulation on it.

It has been recorded in many medical journals and in the media, based on research by ENT experts that Call Center employees run the most risk of hearing defects. The scariest things, among many others, that one might encounter are:

  • Ear infection caused by use of the same headset by multiple users.
  • Chronicle headaches with a constant buzzing sound in the ear leading to an ‘acoustic attack’.
  • Stoppage of blood flow in the ear blood vessels leading to an ‘ear attack’.

The UK has a law for ‘noise at work’ and you may wish to follow the links to know more:




High time that this matter is taken up by the Govt Authorities, Health Departments, Unions, Associations and the Employees themselves. We most definitely urge our friends to contribute articles on the subject so that a proper document can be prepared and sent to the Govt Authorities as well as others concerned.

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WNS does right by its employee under BPO Union’s strong protest

January 22, 2009

Under strong protest by BPO Union, leading outsourcing company WNS reversed its earlier position to do the right thing.

The Background: One of their employees, Harish Narula was being harassed under the garb of ‘company policy’. All he wanted was a relieving letter from his erstwhile employer so that he could pursue his studies. And an experience certificate would help him. Since he had resigned in a haste, without serving the notice period, he was willing to abide by his signed declaration and honor it by paying the company one months’ salary. In return he wanted a clearance certificate from them. One would imagine this to be a routine exercise, more so since the individual was willing to pay the company for having violated terms of a contract. But the company officials had other plans. The wanted to harass him, possibly to coerce others from leaving the company.

Enter BPO Union: After a long wait, polite letters of request and huge amounts of frustration he wrote to us asking for some support and some advice. He also shared with us some mails from HR which were, to say the least, appalling in their content. They showered contempt and disregard to an ex-employee and were bent upon non co-operation. All of it pointed to their bad intentions. We not only got some sound legal advice to set Harish’s fears to rest, we also wrote a letter to the WNS HR team with a very strong protest against harassment of their employee. What followed was expected. Harish got a call from an AVP who promised all co-operation in the matter and the promise of doing the needful in less than 24 hrs.

Need we say any more … but we do believe that we could help Harish only because he wanted to help himself.

(BPO Union 2.0)

BPO Union wishes you a Happy New Year 2009

January 1, 2009

BPO Union wishes you A Happy New Year 2009