45000 Hits & Counting: We Were Always Here

May 4, 2014

No we did not curl up & die as the rumors were in the marketplace. But a lot of senior people in IT & BPO wished we did. Our team had met up with some senior Industry representatives 3 years back and agreed that we shall not create too much of noise as it brought the BPO/ IT Industry a bad name if every issue came to Media glare.

Having said that we were individually & collectively appalled all this time at the state of affairs but very reluctantly held back to keep our word. After all this wait we are still to see the fulfilled promises that were made to us by the other side. So logically, we’re forced to abandon the ceasefire agreement and get back to some aggressively visible action. The Media, as always, is very very very (& many times more VERY) supportive. Thank You friends!

Recently: Two cases have been shared with the media in the last 2 days and their response/ support came within minutes. These cases are heart wrenching in their detail. Seems that some very large BPO’s have deliberately employed regressed sadists to run their HR. Many of them emotionless, un-empathetic & immoral to the core. All of them pathetic!

You shall see our resumed ‘action’ in the verbal sense of the word too – meaning – we’re going to get screamingly vocal again – also meaning – we never ever stopped working. If in doubt please check our swelling numbers & our support base to feel some intimidation through sheer numbers.

Our Next Step: we are in the process of Black Listing some chronic People & Companies across the BPO/ IT segment in India. Just to serve as a caution/ warning to those dealing with the probable names that might crop up.

BPO Union 2.0