57 Cases solved in 2017

January 22, 2018

Last year, in 2017 we’ve been able to solve 57 cases in companies like i-energizer, Makemytrip.com, Vodafone, WNS, American Express and more. If you have a problem do let us know – resolution is at hand closer than you think – speak up & act NOW!


23 Cases solved in the last 90 days

August 1, 2016

We are working a bit quieter now. Concentrating more on doing and less on telling. Most recently we’ve been able to solve many cases in Genpact, WNS, Airtel, Aegis, Dell and Accenture. If you have a problem do let us know.


We Are Still Here!

March 24, 2016

In The Quiet: We are always working for our colleagues in the BPO Industry. Over the last 2-3 years we’ve not been very vocal. Yet there has been hectic activity in the trenches. Its been an unending task of finding companies who treat their staff badly and ensuring that they are forced (via media/ public/ industry/ legal pressure) to do the right things.

Keep writing to us with cases that need help and we shall keep sorting them out, as always!

BPO Union 2.0

We Support Movement: Justice For The Rape Victim

December 21, 2012

We support the movement against Police-Politician apathy. It was very unfortunate that it happened in the first place. But the low levels of policing leave much to be desired.  Delhi Police Hai Hai!

There are some communication(s) we’ve recently received that Gurgaon Police is not any better. In fact their record of duty may even be worse off than the Delhi Police. If any member can send us information on policing condition of Gurgaon, please do so. Your support has everyone’s gratitude.

50 BPO jobs lost in a $15 million forgery, cheating scam by Pansys Infotech Ltd and Scottish Prison Services

December 16, 2010


BPO Files Criminal Lawsuit against UK Govt Company – Scottish Prison Services and Bengaluru based Pansys Infotech Ltd, in a $15 million Forgery, Cheating & Scam Case.

IORB Technologies Pvt Ltd (a BPO from Goa) has taken to court UK Govt Deptt – Scottish Prison Services (www.sps.gov.uk) and Bengaluru based Pansys Infotech Ltd (www.pansysinfotech.biz) in a $15 million Contract Scam of Cheating & Forgery.

The case was filed in the courts of Gurgaon, for forgery and scam. It was alleged in the plaint that the Indian Company, in connivance with senior functionaries within Scottish Prison Services, forged deal documents (contracts) worth more than $15 million (more than Rupees 60 crores) thus wilfully defrauding IORB.

We are fully sympathetic to our 50 friends who lost their jobs but we are happy to state that in their fight with the employer from Goa (through complaints filed with the labour court) they have won and are duly compensated.

Hughes Blatantly Violating Indian Laws

October 21, 2009

Apparently Hughes has violated Indian Laws to such an extent that their building validity has been taken away which may leave them with no office to work from!

One of our friends has sent us a link to the story on Hughes. Given below is the link to where you may find this story: http://www.techgoss.com/Story/270S11-Tech-hub–Hughes-battles-HUDA.aspx and http://www.techgoss.com/Story/1939S14-Raid-on-Hughes–Gurgaon.aspx

We strongly condemn US multinationals’ illegal tactics and endless bribing to get their work done, ir-respective of it being in violation of the law. The Indian Govt must act strongly and put such unscrupulous people who run these companies behind bars for good. They are putting their employees’ lives to risk by doing such harm that the fire department has cancelled their  safety certificate too.

We implore our readers, supporters and friends to support us so that we may go to the Labor Commissioner with a complaint on safety of employees working under their roof.

We have requested a few friends in the US to try and get us in touch with Hughes Management so that these facts may be communicated to them as well.

(BPO Union 2.0)

BPO Union Supports ‘Rahul Gandhi’ as ‘IT and Telecom Minister’

May 17, 2009

BPO Union Supports ‘Rahul Gandhi’ as ‘IT and Telecom Minister’

BPO Union feels that the time has come for Rahul Gandhi to take charge at the forefront. He must be given responsibility of running the IT & Telecom Ministry in the Central Cabinet.

Given the state of affairs in the Global Markets we need someone of his aptitude and stature to handle the new economy ministry. Not someone who will time and again be accused of corruption in spectrum sale. The BPO & IT Industries are possibly the best bet for our educated masses, and these provide employment at a very basic level of skills and education. Not to mention the foreign exchange it generates for the county.

We need somone who can and will talk to Obama in the same tone that he does and with the same intelligence and grit. Not someone who will be puppetted by his political masters. A good case in point is Maran (when he was IT & Telecom Minister) and his competence was put to waste by his uncle. A sorry state of affairs.

So we prod our friends in the BPO and IT Industies to garner vocal support for Rahul Gandhi as the next IT & Telecom Minister of India.

(BPO Union 2.0)