BPO Nights – Celebrating BPO employees!

June 5, 2014

Now here’s some refreshing news for us. For once we get to rejoice and party inter-BPO. Just received information through multiple members and googled it to reach a Press Release by World BPO Foundation.  Read the full press release here: http://www.indiainfoline.com/Markets/News/PrintNews.aspx?NewsId=5937996141

Whatever you are doing guys, its good with us and you have our complete support. Just hope that when you get your head up from partying, please put some of your resources to bringing benefits to our young friends working in the BPO Industry. Having said that, its a great thing that now we have someone who is doing collective bargaining with good night clubs to get us some really great rates. We particularly love the Unlimited IMFL … then the fashion shows, multiple DJs, Artists … Lets just have fun … lots of it.

Here is their facebook page event in Delhi if you want to attend it: https://www.facebook.com/events/480429645422389/?notif_t=plan_edited

World BPO Day has been totally revamped this year!  This year, World BPO Foundation is planning new and a whole slew of activities for WBD 2014. All these events will take place in around 9 cities, starting from Gurgaon-NCR, which then followed by other cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh and Vizag, as these cities have a large presence of BPO Co’s. The main event itself will take place in Gurgaon as the city is the global hub for BPO activity.

World BPO Day 2015 has been divided into 3 sections:

(a) WBD – BPO Nights – It is a true gathering of the BPO employees where entertainment and enjoyment will be on the prime.  It will a platform where they can enjoy and experience those events of life, which they usually tend to miss because of their odd working hours. The parties will be spread to all main towns that have large BPO presence.  The first party will take place on 15th June, 2014 at  Moon Shine, Hauz Khas Village, Delhi.

(b) Mr. and Miss BPO – Inter- BPOs’ Beauty Pageant in a City –
World BPO Foundation will conduct internal beauty pageants in all the BPO’s of a city, starting in September 2014. These internal Beauty pageants will take place in all the 9 cities to find Mr. and Miss BPO for every individual city.  

(c) WBD
– Mr. & Miss BPO India – India’s first ever recognition Beauty pageant  for BPO employees –  A beauty pageant for BPO employees across India in which BPO employees get to become brand ambassadors of their companies. This Beauty Pageant will see an impressive line of people competing for winning the title of India’s first and only recognition of Mr. and Miss BPO India. This Beauty pageant will be a competition among the winners of Mr. and Miss Inter -BPOs’ of all the 9 cities. Mr. and Miss BPO India will take place on the World BPO Day i.e. 16 Feb’ 2015 in Gurgaon.