Hughes Blatantly Violating Indian Laws

October 21, 2009

Apparently Hughes has violated Indian Laws to such an extent that their building validity has been taken away which may leave them with no office to work from!

One of our friends has sent us a link to the story on Hughes. Given below is the link to where you may find this story:–Hughes-battles-HUDA.aspx and–Gurgaon.aspx

We strongly condemn US multinationals’ illegal tactics and endless bribing to get their work done, ir-respective of it being in violation of the law. The Indian Govt must act strongly and put such unscrupulous people who run these companies behind bars for good. They are putting their employees’ lives to risk by doing such harm that the fire department has cancelled theirĀ  safety certificate too.

We implore our readers, supporters and friends to support us so that we may go to the Labor Commissioner with a complaint on safety of employees working under their roof.

We have requested a few friends in the US to try and get us in touch with Hughes Management so that these facts may be communicated to them as well.

(BPO Union 2.0)